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CATERPILLAR 336 the earthmoving equipment manufactured under the American brand Caterpillar or CAT, that is a crawler excavator with the designation belongs to the class of machines with the highest power.


CAT 336 – a technique for maximum efficiency in mining, loading or construction jobs. Caterpillar manufactures products in many countries around the world.

Table No. 1. Specifications

MotorCat C9
Power, l.c. (kw)318 (234)
Speed, km / h6
Ground clearance, mm450 (under turntable – 1220)
Maximum force on the towing mechanism, kN300
Platform swing speed, rpm8.75

Power unit

The excavator has a self-produced engine installed.

  • It is a water-cooled inline six-cylinder diesel engine.
  • It is equipped with a turbine and an intermediate heat exchanger to cool the air blown into the cylinders.
  • Electronics control the motor. The ADEM A4 ECM meters fuel to reduce emissions and maximize power.

Table No. 2. Engine characteristics

Crankshaft rotation frequency, rpm2200
Volume, l8.8
Cylinder bore / piston stroke, mm112/149
Toxicity standardsEPA Tier 3 Commercial, IMO II, EU IW

The manufacturer indicates the fuel consumption in 3 modes: light, medium and heavy load. Fuel consumption is in the range: 30.3-43.1; 43.1-56.4; 56.4-69.3 l / h, respectively.

The engine cooling system is equipped with an external radiator and a hydraulically driven fan. The air inlet is through a membrane filter located at the rear of the cabin.

The operator adjusts the engine operating modes using the on-screen menu on the digital display.

Hydraulic system

All excavator power actuators are hydraulically operated. The pressure in the system is created by two oil pumps with a total capacity of 558 l / min. The compact arrangement of the units made it possible to reduce the overall length of the high pressure hoses and increase the efficiency of the excavator.

Due to the constant pumping and the high temperature of the medium, the hydraulic system is equipped with sensors that register the degree of heating.



The parameters of the Caterpillar in terms of size cannot be called modest. The massive sticks and booms are designed for digging a considerable distance (by digging equipment standards) from the machine. Therefore, the manufacturer indicates that the cube can be deepened to a distance of up to 8 m, and raised for loading – up to 7.6 m.

Table No. 3. Dimensions

Operating weight, kg35900
Cab roof height, mm3280
Width at track edges, mm3290
Length in transport position, mm11200
Track width, mm2590
Distance between the axes of the rollers, mm4040


Arranged by Caterpillar 336 according to the classic tracked vehicle scheme. A rotating platform with cab and earthmoving equipment is installed on the chassis. The excavator is powered by hydrostatic motors driven by oil pumps.

The design of the machine is thought out to the smallest detail: access to the working mechanisms is free and maintenance or repair by staff does not pose difficulties.


The operator’s workplace is comfortable.

  • The cab frame is fixed on the turntable by rubber-metal shock absorbers.
  • The controls are located under the operator’s right hand.
  • On the left side only the climate control and the lever to turn on the hydraulics have been placed. The latter is a component of the safety system that prevents the spontaneous start-up of the actuators.

A comfortable spring chair with the possibility of electric heating has been installed in the excavator. The seat can be adjusted in three planes, allowing it to be adapted to the physiological parameters of the operator.


Attached implements

They are added to the machine with earthmoving and other executive mechanisms specially designed for it. They are also offered by the manufacturer.

  1. Buckets – earthmoving, rock, leveling.
  2. Quick hitch.
  3. Rock hammers.
  4. Hydraulic hammers.
  5. Tweezers.
  6. Hydraulic shears.
  7. Vibrating plates for soil compaction.
  8. Multiprocessors for disassembling buildings and structures.

Features of operation

The developers have tried to make the vehicle easy to maintain. This is reflected in the availability of nodes from the ground. No need to use lifting platforms for regular inspections or repairs.

The air inlet to cool the engine and oil system is from the cab side, and its outlet is on the right (behind the pump compartment). This arrangement reduces operator noise and facilitates cabin ventilation.


The control of the cabin is carried out by means of the joystick system. These are remote electromechanical switches for hydraulic flow distributors.

Conveniently arranged keys and joysticks have optimal travel, reducing operator fatigue. The consoles are located on the seat armrests and can be adjusted in height.


  • The machine’s design allows for quick inspections, maintenance, and scheduled repairs.
  • All nodes are grouped by function.
  • Control of the level of the working fluids is assigned to the electronics.
  • In addition, the excavator’s control unit monitors the condition of the filter elements. In case of obstruction of one of them, the corresponding notice will be displayed on the information board.

All TOs, frequency of maintenance and other activities are detailed in the excavator manual, after which the operator should have no doubt.



Reviews | CATERPILLAR 336 | Users usage feedback

I’ve owned a 2012 model for almost two years now. I’m actually in the process of upgrading to a larger machine for my needs.

Really a great machine though. Very quick and powerful, quiet, smooth and just impressive all around. One of the drawbacks is you cannot see behind you at all without using the camera.. And in certain lighting situations it’s very hard to use the camera with confidence.

The standard 336e are a pretty sturdy unit. Strong and fast, the few times I’ve had to run one of the hybrid 336e’s was a different story. They are sluggish and do not like to multi function like a normal unit. 336 are a popular size for some popeliner companies and they tend to cycle units every few years, so that could be the source of such a high number.

For the time being, I was completely satisfied with the Caterpillar 336 D2L Excavator loader. The machine is equipped with a C6E engine and a common rail fuel system. Once the excavator stopped starting. The engine itself worked normally only up to 1500 rpm, and after that it began to stall. Also, thick white smoke began to pour out of the muffler. The breakdown was fixed by a friend at a service center. From that event half year passed already and no more problems appear.

Good excavator though expensive (purchased new) but with the amount of work allows you to pay for itself in 2-3 years quite. It goes well on soft soil. The control is very clear, an experienced excavator operator can do wonders. The excavator is maneuverable. Digs trenches quickly.

I found a CAT 336 D2 XE excavator with 1700 hours on it. I just needed a special machine for works related to the construction of the summer house. In our city was not available, I rented in a nearby town, did all the work, I liked it.

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