Specifications and technical data

Specifications & technical data Caterpillar 336
Specifications and technical data Caterpillar 336

Specifications and technical data for 336 hydraulic excavators.

Specifications and technical data for Caterpillar 336 series excavators can be found on this page. The Cat 336 crawler excavator is a high-performance and versatile construction vehicle. It is used for construction and industrial applications. Great digging depth provides efficient excavation and quarry development, creation of pits and trenches. High technical parameters make it possible to cope with the execution of loading and unloading operations. Its main advantages are easy operation, reliability, high load capacity, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance, and a comfortable cabin. This has a positive effect on increasing the performance and productivity of operations.

Features and benefits. To main features of the vehicle related:

  • The possibility of installing a variety of working equipment, including hydraulic;
  • three types of boom equipment and eight types of handles;
  • strength and durability of components;
  • high speed of service works, easy access to main aggregates and mechanisms;
  • diagnostics of condition in automatic mode with the help of electronics, display of data on the monitor in the cabin;
  • spacious and ergonomic cabin with convenient controls;
  • reliability and ease of operation due to the installation of a modern hydraulic system;
  • optional installation of a quick-change equipment system.

Technical Specifications Caterpillar 336 excavator

Caterpillar crawler excavator    
Technical specifications:336D  
Production year model/type2008-  
Engine model: C9 Stage IIIA  
Rated output: (Kw/Hp/Rpm)200/270/1800  
Maximum torque: (Nm/Rpm)x  
Displacement: (cm³)8800  
Fuel: Diesel  
Hydraulic system:   
Capacity hydraulic tank: (Ltr)310  
Capacity hydraulic system: (Ltr)410  
Pump hydraulic flow capacity: (Ltr/min)2 x 280  
Auxilary flow capacity: (option) (Ltr/min)x  
Maximum working pressure: (bar)360  
Dimensions & weight: (monoboom 6.5 m)Stick 2800mm3200mm3900mm
Operating weight: (Kg)355303561035550
Length transport: (mm)112101115011200
Height cab: (mm)3280  
Height transport: (mm)354033403670
Body width: (mm) 2960  
Track width standard: (mm)600  
Width over tracks: (tracks 600mm)2990  
Width over tracks: (tracks 700mm)3090  
Width dozer blade: (mm)x  
Track length on the ground: (mm)4040  
Gradebility: (%/°)x  
Ground pressure: (kg/cm²)0,670,670,67
Fuel tank: (Ltr)620  
Operating information: (Monoboom)Stick 2800mm3200mm3900mm
Max. reach at ground level: (mm)106201092011640
Max. loading height: (mm)720072007640
Max. digging depth: (mm)699073908090
Max. cutting height: (mm)103001024010710
Maximum travel speed:(Km/h low-high)5  
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