CATERPILLAR 336 prototypes

CATERPILLAR 336 prototypes Problems

Last week a Cat 336 prototype was delivered to our workplace, and I thought I’d share some information about it.

If you know CAT excavators, you may wonder why I didn’t call it 336G. CAT is ditching all letter designations for model differences. Identification will be strictly by serial number. I’m not sure what they are going to do with the D6 dozer, since there are three different models on offer?

This machine has all the advantages. GPS, grade assist, scale, complete auxiliary plumbing kit, quick-tach, e-fence, and a heated seat.

GPS is active, but we don’t have a grade plan for our job site yet. So I can’t give any info on grade control yet. That is probably 3-4 weeks out. Hopefully you can keep it that long.

The CAT engineer is waiting to get a generic plan uploaded so that he can get elevations and grade reading.

One more tonight, I need to take more pictures tomorrow. The machine has cameras. The normal view is the rear and the blind side camera on the monitor. You can switch to a 360 degree view, seen here:

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