CATERPILLAR 336 B Hydraulic issues

CATERPILLAR 336 B Hydraulic issues Problems

336 ELH CAT Excavator. Serial # CAT0336ECRZA00244 the warning light came on and when the machine cuts out you hear the fluid running back to the tank. Any ideas how to proceed?

Your machine is an XE machine that has a different hydraulic system than other F-series machines.

There are 2 large high pressure accumulators and 1 small low pressure accumulator for the swing circuit.

The warning you see can be for any of them so you have to enter the diagnosis and look for the specific code there to find out which one has the problem, look for the codes E1435, 1436, 1437, 1438 or 1565

But with that said, the sound you hear when the machine shuts down is more likely the high pressure circuit dumping to the tank than is normal and can take up to 2 minutes to drop all the way to zero.

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